Marriage is one of the most significant events in most peoples’ lives, a joyous celebration, however for various reasons in due course they also end in divorce. According to statistics, divorce rates across the world are at all time highs. Because of these divorce risks, it is prudent to be well prepared before becoming married.


Zele Investigators Vietnam have seen sharp increases in requests for marital status and background checks from foreign customers and overseas Vietnam with the investigations often focusing on girlfriends and finance. With the high degree of fraud in Vietnam, verifying someone’s current marital status and history is an important security decision. Proceeding with a marriage to a Viet girl without one can be very costly.

In Vietnam as in most countries, the registrar called the District People’s Committee manage records of births, marriages, and deaths. However in Vietnam it is more streamlined than in other countries where reach region or state may have different marriage requirements.

When you are registering for marriage, the bride and groom must be present and have filed for the declaration for marriage registration with:

* Birth certificates for each party
* House registration where the bride or groom are registered

The marriage registration declaration paper must be certified by the bride and grooms’ employers  or their local People's Committees where they reside. In case either party has been divorced or the spouse is deceased, a copy of the divorce or death certificate must be provided. Normally processing the marriage registration takes no more than 7 days. One that has been completed the application for the marriage certificate can be done.

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