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It can be frustrating when you need to find someone in Vietnam quickly but they seem to have disappeared. Whether it be a long lost girlfriend, old school mate, someone that owes you money, or lost family, hiring a person finder in Vietnam with real experience can be a tremendous time saver.

Missing persons in Vietnam private detective services are designed to help you find someone anywhere in Vietnam – HCMC/Saigon, Hanoi, Vung Tau, Nha Trang or other. Whatever the case, a Vietnam private detective can use a series of techniques called skip tracing or person finder to find that person.

Maybe you’ve tried the traditional methods of finding someone…phone directories or books, the Internet social scene, or old friends to no avail.  A private investigator will go many steps further using follow-up addresses, email and phone tracing, citizen, voter, and other registrar databases, posting rewards, and other useful sources. Finding a person may also involve using online resources and computer databases.  Databases can hold valuable information about a person and make it easier to locate them.

Hire Local

It’s important to choose a local private detective in Vietnam country, such as one based in the metro HCMC/Saigon area.  A local HCMC/Saigon private investigator understands the culture and unique customs of Vietnam and can work directly with local government officials, embassies and police to help find a missing person.

By hiring local, you’ll enjoy the benefit of lower pricing, faster service and the experience needed to find a person in Vietnam without hassle.  Some very reputable investigative services have local agents and are managed by foreigners and locals.  This type of service gives you the best of both worlds with agents and managers that have years of experience in various parts of the world.

It also helps you to avoid scammers that are apt to take your money and do very little work to actually find your missing person.  Before hiring, be sure to do a background check.  Vietnam-based private investigators will have a local phone number and a real address.  A background check will reveal to you if the investigator is based in the US, Europe or some other place besides Vietnam.  Also, be sure the detective you choose can speak proper English as well as Vietnamese and other languages such as Khmer and Hmong.  Ask for samples of their work, proof of security and confidentiality, and past customer references.  You should take time to find the right Vietnam private detective that will work diligently in the person finder process without charging you a fortune.

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